Business report of the StGB NRW

The business report of the North Rhine-Westphalia Local Authorities Confederation is published every two and a half years to coincide with the members general meeting. It contains a review of the organisations activities, arranged by subjects, plus a listing of all bodies involved, together with their members.

Since 2012 the business report has been published as an issue of the monthly periodical STÄDTE- UND GEMEINDERAT so as to help it to a wider circulation.

The latest business report (individual copies free of charge) and previous business reports - if still available - can be ordered from

Städte- und Gemeindebund NRW
Kaiserswerther Strasse 199-201
D-40474 Düsseldorf
Fax: 0211-4587-211

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StGB NRW business report 2014-2017 as reas-only Pdf

StGB NRW business report 2012-2014 as read-only Pdf

StGB NRW business report 2010-2012 as read-only Pdf

StGB NRW business report 2007-2009 as read-only Pdf

StGB NRW business report 2005-2007 as read-only Pdf

StGB NRW business report 2002-2004 as read-only Pdf

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