Remit and structure

The North Rhine-Westphalia Local Authorities Confederation works to ensure that the concerns of the smaller and medium-sized towns and municipalities are taken into due account in the legislative process of North Rhine-Westphalia. This applies to all areas of municipal policy-making, such as issues of constitutional law, welfare policy, economic and transportation policy, environmental policy, financial policy, education and culture.

The StGB NRW represents the interests and political stances of the  towns and municipalities in their relations with the government and parliament of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and with administrative authorities, and with the numerous stakeholders in the political and business communities, and in society as a whole.

The North Rhine-Westphalian Local Authorities Confederation has a right to be heard in regard to all of the state's draft bills that relate to municipal interests, through the following modalities:

  • Obligation of the Committees of the North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament to give the organisation an opportunity to comment on matters of municipal significance
  • Obligation of the state ministries to forward drafts of municipally significant laws and ordinances to the confederation, so that the latter can put forward its stance.

One of the central tasks in the North Rhine-Westphalia Local Authorities Confederation’s remit is advising and informing its members about developments on the state, national and European levels. In addition, the confederation functions as a platform for exchanging news and views among the local authorities concerned.

Finally, the StGB NRW aims to promote understanding for municipal issues among the general public. This is accomplished by press releases, by periodicals and brochures, and over the internet and the Intranet for member municipalities.


The office of the StGB NRW is located in Düsseldorf, the state capital. Approximately 30 staff work here in four departments and in general administration. The office represents the opinions and stances of the North Rhine-Westphalia Local Authorities Confederation to the outside world, and handles members' inquiries and applications of major importance. The office also prepares resolutions for the confederation's organs, and executes these.

The political decisions of the North Rhine-Westphalia Local Authorities Confederation are the result of extensive discussion and work processes. These take place in numerous specialist committees, working groups and working parties. The composition of the StGB NRW's organs reflects the results of municipal elections.

Members' general meeting - local authorities congress

In line with the bylaws, the members hold a general meeting as a local authority congress every two and a half years, where major issues of municipal policy-making are discussed and future tasks mapped on a federal, state and municipal level. The members' general meeting is the supreme organ of the North Rhine-Westphalia Local Authorities Confederation. The Business Report informs the member authorities and their delegates about what has been happening in the organisation since the last members' general meeting.

Central Committee

The Central Committee meets once a year, approves the budget of the StGB NRW, and discusses basic issues of municipal policy-making. Currently it has 123 members.


The Presidium decides on the major positions in terms of municipal policies. Its members are full-time and honorary representatives of the member towns and municipalities - delegated by these in accordance with the results of municipal elections -, the General Manager plus coopted and advisory persons active on a state level and familiar with municipal self-administration.
Currently, the Presidium comprises 33 voting and eight advisory members. All of them are automatically members of the Central Committee.

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