This is how to obtain STÄDTE- UND GEMEINDERAT

You can order the magazine as print issue in an annual subscription for 78.-- euros (all-inclusive price) or as electronic issue (printable pdf) in an annual subscription for 49,-- euros (all-inclusive price) or individual issues for 6.00 euros each, including VAT, plus post and packing. If more than one subscription is involved, the individual price of the print issue will be reduced:

Number of copies print issue

Price per annual subscription in euros

6 and more38
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Subscription management: if you have any further questions, just send us an E-Mail or contact us directly:

Städte- und Gemeindebund NRW
Nina Hermes
Kaiserswerther Straße 199-201
40474 DüsseldorfTel. 0211-4587-231
Fax: 0211-4587-287

Advertisement customers: sample issue and further information on ad placement can be obtained from:

Krammer Verlag
Jutta Hartmann
Goethestrasse 75
40237 Düsseldorf
Tel. 0211-9149-455
E-Mail:    => Information on media data

Subscription conditions

The subscription (individual price 78 euros complete, 49 euros as electronic issue) can be begun at any time, and will run without a time limit for at least one year. If it is not cancelled in writing within the first twelve months by giving one month’s notice, it will be extended until the end of the ongoing calendar year. If it is then not cancelled by 30.11 (effective  31.12.), the subscription will be extended by another calendar year, and can then be cancelled each year by giving one month’s notice to the end of the year. The subscription fee will (if the subscription begins in the ongoing calendar year) be invoiced pro rata for the issues still being purchased, and in each year’s 1st quarter for the entire calendar year. If the subscription is cancelled during the calendar year by giving notice to the end of the minimum subscription period and if the full annual subscription fee has already been paid, this will be reimbursed pro rata for the issues no longer purchased. (Valid as from Issue 1-2/2013)

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Notice to Subscribers

For subscribers to STÄDTE- UND GEMEINDERAT, there is a special password-protected area with additional information - such as the read-only PDF of the current issue directly after the publication of the printed version. => Access to protected area

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